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Warranty and Returns

Product Guarantee and Return

Kosmimashop.grassures that the warranty products work perfectly and in accordance with the specifications of their manufacturers or assemblers. The warranty is valid from the date stated on the legal proof of purchase or on the special location of the warranty form.


Right of withdrawal - General conditions

The warranty only applies with the presentation of the warranty form and legal proof of purchase. The products presented on our site are covered by a minimum two-year legal guarantee. Within these two years the consumer has the right, if he / she considers that a product is defective or does not meet the advertised appearance or function, to send the product to our company and then the company undertakes the verification process or not of so-called the customer's.

According to the law N.2251 / 1994 no. 3e (1), if the return is made within 14 calendar days of delivery, shipping costs are borne by our company. After this period, the shipping costs are borne by the customer.

Within the time allowed by law, you can send a request for a refund to email or by phone at 210-2477860 10:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday. This right may be exercised by the customer in any purchase he makes.

Returned products must be unused, in their original packaging and in excellent resale condition. Any use of the products delivered beyond what is necessary to inspect them during delivery invalidates your right to a refund.

Products cannot be returned without their original packaging or with the packaging being tampered with, used, used or damaged and we can claim compensation even for unused products if they are returned overworked, defective or damaged.

In the event that the product is found to be defective in manufacture, the consumer may request repair or replacement of the product or cancellation of the purchase and full refund. If the product does not prove to be defective then it is simply returned to the consumer and shipping costs are borne exclusively by the consumer.

During the warranty period, will repair the defective product, assuming the cost of the spare parts that may be required if the defect is subject to the warranty. In the event of failure to repair the defective product, will replace the defective product with another or similar technical specifications.

The time for completion of product repair is decided exclusively by Repair or replacement of the product is at the absolute discretion of Replaced spare parts or products are owned by it.

This warranty does not cover consumable parts of the apparatus and the fault of the purchaser (eg CDs, batteries, power supplies, cases, water or other liquids, device bumps or falls, connection cables, antennas, etc.). Problems arising from your computer's operating system are not covered by this warranty. does not endorse or warranty products that have illegally installed or used software copies.

We recommend that you check, at the time of your order delivery, the status of the products and their intact packaging, in order to identify any obvious defects eg. broken merchandise, wrong item, missing parts and let us know right away.


Products will not be accepted in the following cases:

• When the damage is caused by accident, poor wiring, fall, exposure to extreme levels of temperature, humidity, vibration or dropping of liquids.

• When the product is subjected to physical or electrical stress beyond the manufacturer's specifications.

• When the device number or markings on the device have been corrupted, removed or damaged.

• When the product is used in an environment not specified by the manufacturer.

• When the fault is due to poor installation.

• When the problem is caused by virus programs that alter the functional characteristics of the device.

• When the problem is caused by installing programs that alter the operating characteristics of the device.

• When the manufacturer's maintenance procedures are not followed. bears no responsibility for data stored in magnetic, magneto-optical or optical media in closed circuit recording systems and for any direct, indirect, additive or consequential damage resulting from their loss. It is the purchaser's responsibility to store and store such data. Our company is not liable for any damage caused by the product or product operation errors, including lost revenue and profits, special, reserve or positive losses, and is not responsible for any claims arising from third parties or by you on behalf of third parties.


Non refundable products:

 Products from which supplier / manufacturer's necessary protections, labels and tabs have been removed

Any product on the website is marked "non-refundable"



In case of return of proven defective product and within 14 days, return costs incur our cost. In any other case, the shipping costs will be borne by the buyer and will be deducted from the refund or will be charged in addition to the costs of the new shipment. Return costs are always equal to shipping costs and are listed on each product page.


Money return

Refunds are executed by our company within 7-15 days of returning the product to our premises.


Note: Any refunds are made solely on the means by which the customer originally paid for the product (card payment: card refund, bank payment: refund to your bank account, payment via a partner platform: refund through it).

In high-traffic times, and especially when the return involves a bank account, there may be further delays. Any money transfer costs (bank bookings, etc.) are charged to the buyer.

If free shipping was available at the time of purchase, they will cease if the customer wishes to return a product after the expiration of the 14 calendar days of purchase and has to pay shipping costs to the company.


Free shipping

The free shipping expires when the customer has paid less than the estimated amount.

Specifically, if a customer has purchased products above the prescribed amount and has received their products on the site for free, if he decides to return some products and the amount falls below the prescribed amount, then the initial charges will be charged. shipping that is deducted depending on the product.

In addition, you will be charged the shipping cost of the refund which will be deducted from the amount you receive or you can send it directly to our company at your own expense.


Product Return Process

Each returned product must be accompanied by a return form with the order number on your original order as well as the product code you ordered and the photocopy of the purchase receipt.

Print the return form you will find HERE and send with the product to be returned. Alternatively, for any defects in our products or services, notification to our company is made by reporting the error to email

CAUTION: Products returned without a form and a refund code are not accepted while refunds involving product replacement or refunds must be accompanied by original proof of purchase.

The way and costs of shipping to and from her store as well as the possible insurance of the devices are

customer choice and responsibility.

They should be carefully packed and delivered to our warehouse at 99 Ethnikis Antistaseos Avenue, Acharni, 13675. For customers within Attica, they can also be delivered to one of our stores.



Upon receipt of the goods the customer unconditionally accepts the above terms. All products available at are covered by the manufacturer's official warranty in accordance with applicable consumer laws, thereby making your online shopping safe, secure and accessible just like any other natural store. In addition, the products undergo technical inspection (where possible) for their proper operation.



CAUTION ! reserves the right to modify or renew the trading terms and conditions. Modification or renewal will take effect as soon as this text is notified of any change. Prices, specifications and technical specifications of products may be changed without notice. The videos and photos shown on the product web pages are illustrative and there may be differences in details, designs or colors.